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About our fence company

Norman OK Fence Company are local fence contractors who are one of Oklahoma’s most reliable fence companies. Our fence contractors have been serving Norman OK and greater OKC area for over 17 years.

What we offer, and always endeavor to provide, is simple: only the best quality in both residential fencing and commercial fencing. This is because we understand how important your fence is for your home, in a number of different ways.

It’s the first and most important form of security for your home. It can also affect the look of your home, either positively or negatively. So we know that you need real quality fence installation and fence repair. And that’s what you’ll get from us.

More information about our fence company

You’ve come to this page to find out more about Norman OK Fence Company.
You have certainly come to the right place.
Of course, there are also other places you could find out more about us.
For example our Facebook page
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There are also many other online directories and sites where you can find us.
If you are interested in commercial fencing, please call us about those too, as we know how important a fence can be for a business.
We work with all types of fencing materials and offer a wide range of specialty fence services. So, whether you are after a wood fence, an iron fence, a metal fence, a vinyl fence, an aluminum fence or some other type of fence or driveway gates, we can provide it for you. But that’s not where it stops.
We can provide a wide range of different fencing and a further range of specialty fences. The fencing materials that we work with include wood, metal, iron, and vinyl. On top of that, we can install and repair a range of specialty fencing under these, and other, categories.
If you want a dog fence, a wire fence, a split rail fence or a garden fence, then we have just the service for you. If you need repair work done on your privacy or pool fence, we’ve still got just what you need. So whether you are in Norman, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Midwest City Moore or one of several other locations in the greater Oklahoma City area, you can get a range of different, high-quality fences with our range of services.

Finding out more about our fence company

If you want to find out more about us, you can check out the rest of our website, or any of the social media pages we’ve linked above. But to be honest, the best way to find out more about us is to give us a call. We would be happy to let you know more about who we are and what we do and how we can help you with your fencing needs.
We can also provide you with a free estimate. This will help you to better understand who we are and the sort of work we do, so feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your residential or commercial fencing needs.
You can find out more about us by filling out the contact form on this page, or by calling us directly and asking whatever questions you may have about our fence company or the services we provide.
If you have any more questions about our fence company, don’t hesitate to contact us today or call us at (405) 445-5235 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

We offer quality fencing services!