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Security Gates are in growing demand. If you are after a security gate, then you will not want to compromise on quality. Talk to our expert fencing contractors.

Here are some of the different types of security fence which are expanded in more detail below:

Custom Iron Driveway Gates
Custom Wood Driveway Gates
Cantilever / Slide Gates
Chain Link Gates
Above Ground Ram Kit
Articulated Arm System
Underground Kit
Sliding and Cantilever Gate Opening Systems
Barrier Arm Gates

You can buy the gates from us, but we recommend you also talk to us about getting them installed by one of our expert fencing contractors.

Looking for Quality Security Gates Installation?

Custom Wood Driveway Security Gates

A classic wood fence paired with custom wood driveway gates can offer great security to your home or business.

In addition you can further your security through telephone entry systems. These allow you to control access to your property from a telephone or cell phone. No one will come through your custom wood security gates unless you allow them.

Searching for Reliable Security Gates Installation?

Cantilever / Slide Security Gates

Intercom Entrance Systems allow the people who would like to enter to communicate directly with you within the safety of your home so that you can choose whether or not to give them access. Intercoms can link with various other forms of communication including mobile phones to allow for more mobility.

Chain Link Security Gates

Chain Link can provide for great security while also allowing visibility. You can also install Exit buttons which will enable people to release locks simply by pushing the button so they can leave or exit on one site of a fence or wall while leaving no ability to enter from the other side. This makes it easy to leave when needed but also maintains security from unwanted intruders.

Above Ground Ram Kit for Security Gates

Available in both 12 volt and 24 volt, these above ground ram kits can be considered for use when installing new swing gates. They can also be used to automate most existing gates. The operators (or gate openers) may be used with both wooden and iron gates or with a combination of both wood and iron. The accessories are all fully compatible with the operators such as push buttons, remotes, inercoms and keypads  etc.

You can choose from either electro mechanical or hydraulic versions. Your choice will depend on the environment and also what you are needing them for. If there happens to be a power failure, there is a manual release which is operated by a key. This allows you to open the gates manually, thus overriding the system so you are not locked out in such an event. Both of these also have battery back up as an optional extra if required.

Articulated Arm System for Security Gates

If you are considering an option for a security gate which is hung in the middle of large pillars then this articulated arm system is a popular choice. Both 24 volt and 120 volt are options. However, you need to consider the length of your gate, as these arms can only be used for gates up to 20′ each leaf in length.

These gate openers can be used with most existing gates. They can also be used if you are putting in new pairs and single swing gates along. As with the above ground Ram Kit, they can be used with either metal or wooden gate installations and also with a combination of both.

All accessories such as remotes, push buttons, key pads and intercoms etc are compatible with the gate openers. They are only available in electro mechanical. In the event of a power failure, the you can choose to add a batter back up to the 24 volt versions if you desire. There is also a key operated manual release. This will enable you to override the system and means you can open the gates manually and not be locked out or in due to a power failure.

Underground Kit for Security Gates

This is the most discrete gate opener on the market and so is the most popular choice! This can be used for gates up to 10′ each leaf in length. There is a choice between 120 volt and 24 volt. These gate openers can be installed to automate many existing gates. They can also be used when putting in new pairs and single swing gates.

Like the above ground Ram Kit or the Articulated Arm System they can be used on both custom wooden or iron security gates, or on a combination of both. All accessories are compatible with the operators such as remotes, keypads, push buttons and intercoms etc. You can choose between the electro mechanical and hydraulic versions, whichever will best suit your environment and applications. It also has a manual override system similar to the above 2 if you happen to have a power failure.

Sliding Security Gates and Cantilever Gate Opening Systems

Conventional Sliding Gates or Cantilever Systems involve the installation of a metal sliding gate. They provide great security.  They can help you in keeping your road free of any necessary tracks.

Barrier Arm Security Gates

Increasingly commercial or industrial venues as well as private functions need a way to control access to parking areas. The barrier or swing arm gate can be a perfect solution as it is easily added to a variety of environments. They newer models are easier to install than previous versions, but feel free to talk to us about installation possibilities if you have any questions.

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